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Plywood Birch - B3 - 3/4 inch thick

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Plywood it is an economical and readily available alternative to solid wood. Plywood is a more stable and a lot less expensive alternative to solid lumber. Most cabinet and furniture makers use plywood with solid wood trimming to create beautiful cabinetry and furniture. Plywood is manufactured with different thickness of veneers. the multi-ply structure provide a steady, stable, strong and excellent panel at an affordable price.
  • Excellent durable, rigid and resistant
  • Grade B3 - this grade shows the natural look of the wood there will be changes in color that show the grain pattern sound, smooth knots are allowed the surface is free from open knots and plugs the material is suitable for paint/stain or a lacquered finish
  • 11-ply for core plus face and back
  • Surfaces provide excellent holding power for glue and screws
  • Excellent for arts and crafts, school projects and DIY projects, drawing, painting, wood engraving, wood burning and laser projects
  • EPA carb certified