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Plexiglass Acrylic Sheet - Clear - 1/4 inch thick

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About the material

Falken Design Acrylic has many benefiting characteristics like glossy surface, weather resistance, sturdy, durable, light weight, thermoplastic and innovative. Acrylic is lighter and stronger alternative to glass. It is easier to fabricate than glass. It is suitable for a wide range of products: sign boards, lighting, aquarium, shades, furniture.

  • Saw cut

  • Both sides with protective masking
  • Glossy and shiny surface
  • Fabrication-friendly (easy to cut, drill, route and bend, thermoformable)
  • Weatherproof and UV stable (for inside or outside projects)
  • Stronger and lighter than glass, excellent resistance to long-term exposure of outdoor elements.

Individual requests

Falken Design's technical team will be happy to assist you with your individual requests, such as additional sheet sizes, colors and bespoke orders. Thanks to our longstanding experience in the acrylic glass industry we can fulfill almost any wish and any order.